In today`s hectic and moreover pandemic times, the stress levels of the majority of the population are increasing. Stress can cause lower libido, which can also be related to the fact that during periods of quarantine, people are depressed and frustrated at home, they don`t have physical activity and so hormone levels are reduced. People want to relieve themselves, relax and regain physical and mental strength. One possible option is erotic massage. Compared to a traditional massage, it has an added value: it has a much more anti-stress effect because, unlike a traditional massage, it also relaxes you sexually. It will increase your libido by stirring up the chakra of sensations, emotions, pleasure, intimacy and connection, and clearing the channel for the realization of orgasms and merging with your partner`s body. It can also revitalize a marriage or partnership.

Erotické masáže

Erotic massage is suitable for anyone over the age of 18. You will first contact the salon where you want to be massaged and make a reservation. You choose the salon based on the services offered, the look of the masseuses or the interior, which is available on the website, the price, etc. When you arrive, you report to the reception where you are shown to a room where only you and your chosen masseuse have access (the vast majority are female masseuses, but there are also male masseurs) and you take a shower in the room first, which you can do with the masseuse. You will then lie down naked on a lounger, only if you wish you can leave your underwear on or ask the masseuse to cover the desired areas. She can even be dressed according to your wishes by appointment. You can also combine it with a striptease, where the masseuse will gradually strip naked. The beginning of the massage is no different from a traditional massage, the masseuse uses special fragrant oils that have an aromatherapeutic effect. The body will be relaxed and the main areas such as the back, neck, legs etc will be massaged.

Průběh erotických masáží

The masseuse also uses intimate parts for massage and starts with massage of yours. To enhance the erotic atmosphere you can watch the masseuse in the mirror. Depending on your wish, you can touch the masseuse or be massaged by her feet, for example, when stockings and garters and other accessories that enhance the eroticism of the feet can also come into play. The masseuse continues the massage by stimulating the penis or vagina until orgasm comes, sometimes even afterwards if you wish. A special massage for women, called the Joni massage, uses tantric techniques to massage the female genital organ inside and out. However, there is no coitus or oral sex during erotic massage prague Salons often also offer a sauna or whirlpool to complement the overall deeply relaxing experience. The average price ranges from 2 to 5 thousand crowns.